Digital cameras have certainly become a staple for professional photographers. This is hardly surprising since most of these cameras are able to come up with superb image quality. That being said, not all digital cameras are made the same.

  • Point-and-shoot – Contrary to what you’d expect, these point-and-shoot cameras also offer high-quality images. This is especially true when they are paired with the right equipment such as lenses and sensors. Most of these cameras offer limited capabilities for controlling the image as they are designed primarily for casual use.
  • Mid-Range – This type of camera offers a bit more flexibility in terms of image control. For instance, you can tweak your white balance and exposure,as well as other manual settings. They serve as the perfect introduction to more serious digital photography territory.
  • Digital SLRs – Offering full control over your equipment, including lenses, this type of camera gives its users a wide range of possibilities. You can also expect the best processing and image-sensor technologies to be present here.

Presented above are the main types of digital cameras available today. Explore your options and start shooting today.